Worker's Compensation Injured Employees Should Know

Workplace injuries can be a terrible problem for both workers and businesses. Unfortunately, this can be a common occurrence in almost any industry. Worker's compensation can provide employees with access to the treatments that they will need to recover from their injury. Civil Lawsuits Are Not Always Blocked By A Worker's Compensation Claim In addition to protecting the employee, worker's compensation coverage will also provide protection for the employer as the injured employee will waive their right to sue their employer when they are approved for the worker's compensation coverage. [Read More]

Three Good Reasons To Consult With An Employment Attorney For Your Business

Owning a growing business is usually the ultimate dream of any business owner. Growth means your company is progressing and doing well. As companies get bigger, there can be certain legal pitfalls that could stop progress in its tracks. Companies that grow need to understand all of the elements of the law that impact their company. As companies get more and more employees, there will be employee-related issues that may require some legal counsel. [Read More]

Employers Blocking New Opportunities For Pregnant Workers Is Discrimination

Bringing a new life into the world is thought to be an occasion that is all about new opportunities. However, for some pregnant employees, this joyous occasion is used to stifle and crush their opportunities within the workplace. Any person that has this type of experience is also a victim of pregnancy discrimination. Discrimination should never be tolerated in the workplace. Stifling Opportunities If an employer denies a pregnant employee a new opportunity within the workplace solely because they are pregnant, this action is a form of discrimination. [Read More]