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Three Situations That Prompt You To Hire A Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Sexual harassment is a recurrent global issue that affects millions of people regardless of their sex, gender, or race. It can occur in public places, workplaces, or at home perpetrated by strangers, acquaintances, or people you trust. It encompasses sexual intercourse without consent and can be sexually suggestive physical or verbal behaviors. These include unwanted touching, grabbing, patting, kissing, requesting sexual favors, directing sexual jokes, or using sexually-suggestive endearing nicknames and terms. Thus, if you are on the receiving end of these behaviors that make you uncomfortable, do consider talking to a sexual harassment attorney who can help file a sexual claim in court. This blog shall highlight three situations that may warrant you to file a sexual harassment claim. 

Workplace Sexual Harassment

Suppose you are a junior staff at your company and you hear your manager making sexual comments about you, consider addressing the matter with a sexual harassment attorney. These verbal comments may range from wordy and suggestive to graphic, making you uncomfortable in the workplace. At this point, your attorney, whether hired by the company or yourself, understands that the manager may have sexual intentions toward you. Thus, drafting and presenting a sexual harassment claim stating the facts to the court may help deter the supervisor's plans, protecting you from unwanted sexual encounters in the workplace.

Sexual Cyber-harassment

Society has likened the internet to the Wild West with little to no mandatory conduct guidelines. Thus, many individuals have taken advantage of cyber-stalking or cyber-harassing others online. For instance, suppose you are a woman with an online business and post your photos and contact information alongside your business; one may get the wrong idea and start harassing you. As such, if the perpetrators are sending you malicious and sexually threatening emails or instant messages, consider hiring a sexual harassment attorney for the case. The lawyer may file a court claim, present your evidence, and instigate a cyber-harassment police investigation into your tormentors. 

Domestic Sexual Violence

Domestic abuse is, regrettably, a predominant societal issue. Even with radical changes in this belief over time, individuals of any sex, gender, and age still fall prey to domestic sexual violence to date. It is an act enacted within significant personal relationships. For instance, if you are married to an abusive partner who often beats, threatens, verbally abuses, and rapes you, please consider reporting the matter to the police and hiring a sexual harassment attorney. Bound by the law, your attorney will listen to your plea, build a strong case against your partner, and represent you as a victim of sexual abuse, perhaps getting you the justice you deserve.

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